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koinwa blockchain book
koinwa blockchain book

Success in Blockchain
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Dive into the fascinating world of decentralized ledgers and smart contracts, as this comprehensive guide demystifies complex concepts, showcases real-world use cases, and empowers readers to harness the full potential of blockchain for innovation, security, and economic empowerment.

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What’s inside

This book, “How Blockchain is Solving Real Life African Problems,” explores the application of blockchain technology in addressing the unique challenges faced by the African continent.

It delves into the potential of blockchain to provide innovative solutions that can overcome obstacles and unlock new opportunities for growth, development, and empowerment.

koinwa blockchain book

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The style of writing is suitable for technical and non-technical readers, encouraging readers of all class to learn first hand using real life problems, statistics, and data the power of the blockchain technology.

Mario Egie - CEO kite Financials

Mario Egie

CEO kite Financials

“The design book serves as a catalyst for our creative process, empowering us to iterate and refine ideas for digital campaigns with remarkable effectiveness.”

Nathaniel Eje

Digital Editor/Content Writer

About the authors

Having contributed significantly to the blockchain industry through research, consulting, and pioneering projects, the authors bring a wealth of knowledge and credibility to this comprehensive guide, ensuring readers receive expert insights and authoritative perspectives on the subject matter.

Co-Author: Hakeem Disu

Hakeem Disu, a Techpreneur and recipient of the Royale African Youth Leadership Fellowship, holds a bachelor’s degree in Education specializing in Industrial Labour Relations.

With extensive experience in blockchain technology and fintech applications, Disu has participated in prestigious programs like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service Africa Fintech Accelerator Program.

He has also held positions as Program Director and Lecturer at Edublok, where he continues to contribute as a Techpreneur. Disu founded KoinWa, a blockchain-powered fintech platform, prior to authoring this book.

Co-Author: Adeshina Ajayi

Adeshina Ajayi, founder and CEO of Digital Focus LLC, focuses on bridging the blockchain knowledge gap and building blockchain solutions for Africans and African descents. He has worked as a blockchain consultant in the US, assisting corporate institutions and individuals in understanding and applying blockchain for business growth and scalability.

Adeshina has hosted conferences and book tours in Nigeria, Kenya, and the UAE. He is an expert columnist for the Blockchain Council and the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. Adeshina has trained and certified over 2000 blockchain experts at Digital Focus Nigeria and completed projects for companies like CMC Connect, Alpha Training Lab, Code Tutor, TLCGlobal, Addicio Solutions, and Nerdzfactory.