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About KoinWa

Transforming Financial Services Through Cryptocurrency

KoinWa makes it easy to buy, send, and store bitcoins with a secure platform centered around our users.

Koinwa’s mission is to create cheaper, borderless, and instant financial services for everyone through cryptocurrency transaction.

Our vision is to create financial inclusion that lifts millions of Africans out of poverty while accelerating the pace of innovation around the world.


An open financial system can be a great equalizer and lift billions out of poverty while accelerating the pace of innovation around the world. This is the best way we know to change the world.


Easy Payments

Imagine if every payment was as fast, cheap, and global as sending an email.


Global Financial Inclusivity

Imagine if anyone with the internet had access to the same financial services others enjoy in the developed world.


Protected Experience

Effortlessly execute secure on-demand cryptocurrency exchanges with our robust and well-secured system.


 Customer Support

We address any inquiries promptly, providing peace of mind for our users throughout their Bitcoin journey.


Most Trusted

The essence of trust is woven from every customer interaction, forming an invaluable bond that defines our company’s reputation.



Easiest To Use

Digital Currency as a tool invites Freedom
and the best way to compliment it
is to make our platform easy to use.


Most Secure

Security is of our core focus at KoinWa.
We give our best to provide trouble-free services backed by system and user account security and financial viability.


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